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Mobility, Advance Automation, Cash Management Solutions at Retail Store / Warehouse

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1. Mobile Shopping & Mobile Checkout Solutions

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Mobile Shopping & Mobile Checkout Solutions provide new customer experience with innovative and advance technology; providing faster, more personal services and freedom of the customers.

2. Attended Scanning Solutions

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With a complete line-up of terminals and solutions, we provide from different design of EPOS, peripherals, digital weight scale, scanner, touch screen, display etc. to suit all vertical retailers needs, from the convenience store, supermarket, hypermarket, F&B, hospitality, services station etc.; enhancing customer experience in the attended scanning and payment process.

3. Self Checkout Solutions

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With the advance and eco-design of the Self-Checkout station, the customer can easily do their own scanning and payment without hassle; shop assistant is always standby to support customers when the system monitor there are issues occurs.


Besides of e-payment / credit cards, the optional cash module with notes and coins recycler will take cash and coins for payment and changes is always calculated to issue the minimum notes and coins back to the customer.

4. In-Store Mobility Solutions

In-Store Mobility.webp

The advanced design of the mobile computers and Smart POS terminal help the store staffs to boost their productivity in warehouse/storefront stocktaking, inventory checking, and product information retrieval.

With optional RFID solution, mobile computers can also perform goods receiving, store-to-store transfer, inventory update, etc. in a simple step

5. Cash Management – Smart Safe Solutions

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The Smart Safe is an innovative solution combined with hardware, software, and services. Providing to banks, CIT's and retailers an all-win solution, reducing retailers 50%+ cash handling efforts, reduce CIT's cost up to 75%, minimize counterfeit in-take and eliminate the discrepancy.

A Cloud-Base solution provides full transparency of status of cash from retail store to the bank, so all stakeholders know exactly how much cash is at stores, in transit, at cash center, and bank-in, any time, anywhere.

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